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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Clients, friends, family, and neighbors often ask me for suggestions when it comes to products for their pets. I certainly don't claim to be an expert, but I'm always happy to share with others the products I use for my own pets or that my clients use. So below is a list of some of my favorite pet related things. Please note, I am in no way affiliated with or being paid by any of the businesses in this post. This list is based strictly on my personal opinion.


I often get asked what I feed my own pets. Honestly, it's been a lot of trial and error through the years. My preference is a higher quality, low/no grain product. Currently, I feed my dogs Natural Balance Limited Ingredient kibble and wet food. I have also fed my dogs and cats Taste of the Wild. Unfortunately Taste of the Wild doesn't have a lower fat version which one of my dogs needs.

My kitties are currently eating Royal Canin hairball control, although I'm considering switching. I have also fed them Wellness brand food which they seem to enjoy.

Cat Litter/Litter Boxes

Again, lots of trial and error here. I have a cat that is scared of everything, so any major changes in litter have been known to make her poop and pee elsewhere. I personally like the electronic litter boxes that scoop after the cats potty, but we cannot use them in my home.

Currently we are using the Breeze Pellet System. This is a litter box that uses pellets rather than litter. When cats potty, the urine goes down to a bottom tray where it soaks into a pad. The poop is still scooped as normal. The benefit of this system is there is no litter dust and much less scooping. The con is you have to be diligent in scooping poop as there is not much odor control. You also have to be diligent on replacing the pee pads.

For regular style litter, my preference is a top loading litter box with Scoop Away litter.

Lastly, we own a Litter Genie (think Diaper Genie), and it's been an amazing product. You scoop the waste into the receptacle and empty as needed. No more grocery bags.


There is a wonderful catalog called Orvis that sells high quality pet products including beds, bowls, collars, and leashes. I personally have purchased three collars from Orvis. They offer simple and customizable collars. I ordered the reflective embroidered collars for my dogs and they held up amazingly well.

Another brand of leash and collar I have used and found to be very durable is Lupine. They have several cute styles to choose from and they're guaranteed.

Pet Bedding

One of my dogs likes to pee on things. This is unfortunate for me because she's peed on several costly pet beds we've purchased in the past. So for my own dogs, they each have a soft machine washable blanket they use as their bed.

If I were able to have actual pet beds for my dogs, I would highly recommend the Kirkland Signature brand beds from Costco. I've owned a few of these beds and many of my clients have them as well. They are extremely durable, come in a variety of patterns, and best of all, are very easy on the wallet.

Cleaning Products

If a pet has an accident on a hard surface, my preference is to use plain old vinegar and water. I always prefer products that are non-toxic. But we all know when a pet has an accident or a hairball, it will be on a carpet or cloth surface 99.999% of the time. For carpet stains, I do tend to use a commercial product. I don't have a brand preference but I like the products that have a brush on the can/bottle.

For laundry purposes, I use Seventh Generation free and clear. It works well and can be used for pretreating of stains. Plus it's eco and wallet friendly.

My vacuum preference is the Dyson. Although expensive, it works wonderfully and lasts a long time. I also own a Roomba for my hard surface floors, which is helpful in sweeping up hair on a daily basis without having to get out the broom or vacuum.

Potty Pads

Many of my clients use the disposable potty pads that can be bought at any pet supply or department store. These products can be convenient because once soiled, you simply toss them. My preference, however, is a product called PoochPads. They are slightly pricey but are reusable many times over. Once soiled, you simply toss in the washer and reuse when dry. PoochPads have saved my floors on many occasions.

Pet Stores

I'm referring to stores to buy pet products, not stores that sell puppies and kittens (please consider avoiding these types of businesses as they're usually unethical.) I don't have a preference of where I buy my pet supplies. For my food and treats, I typically go to Petco since it's just down the street from me. For things like litter and cleaning supplies I often purchase those at Target. Pet's Barn, a locally owned pet product store, also has some fantastic and unique products.

Insect Repellant (For Humans)

Since I'm outside a lot, and live in San Antonio, I get attacked by mosquitoes pretty regularly. They really seem to love me. Again, I prefer non-toxic products when possible. Currently I use a product by Real Purity. It's natural and I actually like the way it smells. Plus, it seems to repel the mosquitoes as intended.

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